Rebecca Maloney is a Naugatuck-based artist, painter, and pet portrait extraordinaire. You can spend an evening painting with her, take one of her more intense workshops, or visit one of her upcoming gallery showings - and definitely visit to get a glimpse at her work. Vivid color seems (at least to my untrained eye) to be a hallmark of her personal style, and there is an expression of joy in each piece. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with workshop and paint night dates, too!

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Don't miss this first-ever Table to Stage: LIVE! event happening on May 22 at Sea Tea Comedy Theater in Hartford! Performances by comedian Rob Santos, singer/songwriter Abby Auden, and drag queen duo Summer Orlando and Barba Joan Streetsand. Tickets are available now at exclusively at

Newington, Connecticut, native #filmmaker and #actor Erik Bloomquist has been involved in #theater and #film since high school, and has studied the craft intensely. Erik's latest film, Long Lost, is a #suspense #thriller that leans into the tension and doesn't give up. Erik previously worked with some of the film's cast members on his project "The Cobblestone Corridor," which was picked up by PBS. For more information about Erik's projects, check out his production company, Mainframe Pictures. Long Lost is available now to stream exclusively on Amazon, so dive in for a game of #sharksandminnows.

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It's episode 50! :::drops a funky beat::: How does a local, theater-loving, son of a teacher and a musician grow up to be an #Ableton Programmer and an orchestrator? Well, apparently by accident. Scott Wasserman stumbled into learning the Ableton system while working on a small project called #Hamilton. But he worked REALLY REALLY hard to get that lucky break, and has worked with some of #Broadway's most iconic figures, including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Alex Lacamoire, and Alan Menken. Scott is also the co-host of one of my favorite #podcasts, Song Salad, with his long time friend, lyricist Shannon Deep. Scott recently put up his first full orchestration of an original musical with "Austen's Pride" which is running through April 14. Visit ACT of CT for ticket information. You can see what else Scott has been up to at - including #DearEvanHansen and #TheGreatComet.

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#Grammy-winning songwriter Bill Pere joins the pod today to talk about his life-long passion for songwriting and social justice. The LUNCH Ensemble represents Bill's work toward ending childhood hunger, and he has incorporated his songwriting passion into this work. He's also written "The Songwriter's Coloring Book" to help other budding songwriters work on the craft. Bill is also a former Connecticut State Troubadour, and is a member of the Connecticut Songwriter's Association. This was a wonderful conversation with a genuine expert in his craft. Be sure to visit,, and for more information and upcoming programs.

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Faithlyn Johnson is the founder and executive director of Act Up! Theater, and her daughter Tyler Johnson is the production manager of the Hartford-based theater company. They spoke with me about the Act Up! mission, productions, and how the arts can have a positive impact in disadvantaged communities. Act Up! offers productions to the Hartford community including "Ebony Annie", "Stand", and the April 2019 offering, "Raisin", based on the classic play, "A Raisin in the Sun." The Johnson ladies have some amazing things to say about inner-city arts programs and how families and communities can grow together by participating. Visit for information and tickets. Raisin has performances April 4-5 & 12-13.

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Khaiim the RapOet (@rapoet), also known as Self Suffice, is a #Hartford based #hiphop artist and educator. His influences run deep in the civil rights movement and his music reflects those influences. He focuses on the positive message of moving forward and overcoming oppression. His latest album, #SelfControl, is available now at, and can be streamed (partially) via #iTunes, #GooglePlay, and #Spotify. Visit to stream the track "Plus" which features Suffice and #DJBoo. If you're in the area March 29-31, be sure to check out Trinity International Hip Hop Fest. And be sure to follow @rapoet on all the social media!

Michael C. Bailey left journalism for the same reason most newspapers have left journalism - there's no money in it! Hahaha ... actually, that's not funny. Anywhozzle. He's since embarked on a rather successful career as a novelist, with three ongoing series - Action Figures (young adult), Strongarm & Lightfoot (fantasy), and Well Behaved Women (urban fantasy) among other writing projects. All of his work can be found at, including signed copies of his novels, so give it a look! And check out Strongarm & Lightfoot on Audible!

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While I was listening to Guns N' Roses, MC Hammer, and the Monkees (don't judge me, judger), apparently there were some people actually listening to the music that accompanied their video games. I mean, everyone knows the #SuperMarioBros theme music, but do you know who wrote it? Video Game Music has a strong following, and a podcast community to feed its hunger. Ed Wilson is the creator and host of the VGMbassy, where he explores the "video game music culture" of his guests and discovers some great tunes along the way. This was a really enjoyable chat - brought back a lot of good memories of my own - and provided great insight into a niche I've never fully appreciated.

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Art is an intimate thing - no matter the form. But the vulnerability on display in a artist's work are often alone. For Alicia Cobb that vulnerability extends to her canvases - often other people in varying degrees of undress. #BodyPainting requires trust between the artist and the canvas, and for all the time and effort that go into the work, it's rather temporary. Alicia's story is pretty great, and her work is incredible. Make sure to check out to see some of her work. You can also learn more about her art at

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