Joey Marsocci is a creator. He's created original pieces for Hendrick's Gin, Disney Imagineering, the Mark Twain House & Museum, and so many more. He was on the forefront of the steampunk movement, and has literally written the book on steampunk art. As the artist behind Grymm Studios, Joey creates and embodies all kinds of creatures. You can see them at Don't forget to rate and review the pod on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts!

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Music from "Lost Time" & "Comfortable Mystery 4" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (

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Carolyn Brodginski on the dulcimer, Americana, and music as therapy

September 2, 2019

Maybe you can't picture what a dulcimer is just by hearing the word, but odds are that you'll recognize the sound when you hear Carolyn Brodginski play the instrument. It's something I've always considered rather rare, but as Carolyn points out it has been present in popular music for decades. And its distinctive sound is both joyful and soothing. Carolyn's band, Seat of Our Pants, features her dulcimer in their Americana sound, including on the band's latest release, "Song of Rabble and Roots", available now at You can also pick up Carolyn's solo recordings at


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David Borawski on conceptual art, challenging the viewer, and finding beauty everywhere

August 27, 2019

Hartford-based conceptual artist David Borawski limits his pallet intentionally - black, white, silver, red. And he uses the contrast to great effect, drawing the eye and challenging his viewers not only in the moment, but later while reflecting on what they've seen. You can see some of his work for yourself at or at @davborski on Instagram.

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Scott Stephen Kegler on clowning, writing, and staged combat

August 20, 2019

Scott Stephen Kegler is a playwright and a clown ... and does just about everything else that involves a stage or an audience. When I saw a production of his play, Champaign and Licorice, I knew I need to speak with him about his work. There is depth and authenticity in his writing, and it was a great please to be able to speak with him about it. 

#theater #clowning #playwright #connecticut #stage #keepcreating

Corrin Zareck on gallery curation and arts in the community

August 13, 2019

Corrin Zareck is an art educator, an artist, and the curator at the Gallery at the Mill in Unionville, Connecticut. She's been surrounded by art since early in her life, and remains surrounded by it - her own and the work of other artists from the area. The gallery is situated throughout a building that also houses various businesses and workshop spaces, so the pieces are in constant view - and open to the public whenever a drop-in is possible! Take a look at, and see Corrin's own work at

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Hannah and Andy of Sodada on influence, sound, and breadcrumbs

August 6, 2019

Sodada is based out of Massachusetts, part of the thriving Northampton music and art scene. Their sound is hard to pin down to a genre - which is part of what makes it so engaging. Hannah and Andy have been through a few iterations of this project, adapting their sound as they find inspiration and instrumentation to fit their creative vision. And they're just a damned joy to talk to. And support local music!

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Richard DiCarlo on painting, multimedia sculpture, and working as a ghost illustrator

July 30, 2019

Richard DiCarlo started in the Bronx, freelancing as a ghost illustrator, and now works as a multimedia sculptor. His 3D paintings are self-contained stories, homages to cultural icons, and downright entertaining to see. Visit The Studio of Richard DiCarlo on Facebook to take a look at his work, which includes the Beatles, Ernest Hemingway, and Fisher Price, among others.

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Jordan and Joe at ConnectiCon XVII and the Festival of Indie Games

July 23, 2019

This episode is little on the short side - but oh boy is it packed! Hear from game designers from Phase Shift and Geek Fever, Off Cut, Stone Bones, and Table Fighter, plus a little Con recap with my good friend Joe of JBrooks Public Relations. ConnectiCon is a great event, with some of the most #creative #cosplayers in the region, and the events that the larger Con encompasses are fantastic. We spent most of our time with CTFIG, playing games and talking with game creators - the creative talents of this group is incredible!

#keepcreating #connecticut #CTFIG #ConnectiConXVII #boardgames #games

Amy Genser on Southern roots, creating with paper, and the light and shadow of topography

July 16, 2019

If you visit you are going to see some incredibly vivid colors and interesting patterns. And if you listen to this episode you'll hear from Amy Genser about how she creates these amazing visuals using paper. It's a fascinating process, and Amy's artistic journey is a story worth hearing. From New Orleans to Hartford, this Connecticut artist has incorporated her experiences into some truly incredible art.

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Arts for Learning CT on the importance of creativity in the classroom, adapting creative skills to the workplace, and changing the educational paradigm

July 9, 2019

Arts for Learning CT is dedicated to the integration of creativity and the arts into the classroom; encouraging the use of music, theater, and art in conjunction with history, math, English, and more. Alex Novak Foster, Craig Norton, and Anthony DePoto are all a part of the organization, and will be participating in the first annual "Cultivating Creativity" event at Quinnipiac University on July 10. Visit for more information on the organization, its teaching artists, and the programs that it offers.


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