Master woodcarver and carousel enthusiast Bob Yorburg has written the book on Acanthus carving. It's called "Acanthus Carving and Design", and it's available wherever you get your favorite books (or at Amazon). Bob is based in New York, but travels all over sharing his skill and expertise with the iconic design style that we all recognize. Bob recently visited the New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, Conn., to tech a workshop, and he gave me a brief tour before heading back to New York. You can see Bob's work at, and learn more about the museum at

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Dungeons & Dragons with Jason & Meghan Gagne

February 5, 2020

Excuse me while I geek out for a while. I love Dungeons & Dragons. I dabbled briefly in my teens, but only rediscovered the game in the past 3 or 4 years - so I can't claim to be a long time player. I'm definitely a part of the game's resurgence in popular culture. But long time players and newbies can share the table with 5th Edition, and the creative energy is always enjoyable. Jason and Meghan Gagne have been playing the game together for a while now, and have started incorporating some of Jason's hand-made miniatures into their sessions. It was awesome to be able to talk with them about a game that creates limitless possibilities for creativity.

“June Cleaver, Sexual Deviant” with Benjamin Smith & Trenton Bennett

November 25, 2019

"The great mystery of June Cleaver, her life, her marriage and her family, has plagued mankind for generations. How could such a perfect woman exist, loving a husband, raising two sons, and cooking so immaculately while never appearing stressed, over-worked, fed-up, or unsatisfied?"

Or, at least that's how the Amazon description of "June Cleaver: Sexual Deviant" begins. I don't remember feeling any sense of mystery around the characters on Nick At Night - they seemed pretty straight forward. And downright bland. But for author Benjamin Smith there was a backstory to be explored. So he created one, giving a new life to the matriarch of "Leave it to Beaver." His stage play centers on June and Ward Cleaver in their golden years, tackling their roles as grandparents and coming to terms with their pre-"Leave It ... " lives.

A play requires characters - usually several. And it's a challenge to bring multiple characters to life in audio format, but Trenton Bennett faced the challenge head on. June, Ward, and the rest of the cast are brought to aural existence by a single performer, and each voice presented its own challenge for Trenton.

On this episode of Table to Stage we hear from author and performer about "June Cleaver: Sexual Deviant."

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"Wholesome" by Kevin MacLeod

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Mckenzie Chapman on Chick Flicks podcast, stitching artwork, and feminism

November 11, 2019

Mckenzie Chapman is the co-host of the Chick Flicks podcast (, discussing the feminist viewpoint - and overall worthiness - of some of the world's most popular (or dismal, as the case may be) films. She's also a skilled needlepoint artist, and if you visit you can see her work for yourself. Whether the Chick Flicks are hating on some of my best childhood memories (see: Goonies) or celebrating some of my favorite modern action films (I'll watch John Wick all day), their perspective on cinema is refreshing. Check it out!

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Kyle Pasciutti on zombies, popsicles, and the art of effects fabrication

October 28, 2019

Kyle Pasciutti likes to create things the world has never seen before. His company, Decimated Designs ( specializes in horror, but also works in whimsy and the fantastic, creating custom makeup, costumes, set pieces, and oversized animatronic puppies. And, of course, popsicles. Obviously. Whether it's creating an on-the-spot zombie at a convention, or sending oversized backpack heads (yeah, backpack heads) across the country, Kyle and his team love a creative challenge - and the skillset and artistry required to pull off these projects are varied and extensive. Get a peek behind the scenes of some special effects wizardry this week!

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Virginia Wolf on the arts and witchcraft in Connecticut, Spot Light, and audition nerves

October 14, 2019

Virginia Wolf is the host of Spot Light with Virginia Wolf on WLIS/WMRD out of Middletown, Connecticut - a radio program that highlights theater and the arts in Connecticut. Gosh, that sounds familiar! Virginia has been on the air for many years now, and her guests come from theater, art, dance, music, and other creative endeavors within visiting distance of the state. She's also a writer and performer, and the creative engine behind Herstory Theater ( You can catch Herstory's "Hitchcock and Horror" this month at The Arts at Angeloria's ( in Southington, Connecticut. And if you tune into WLIS/WMRD ( 12:30 on October 24 you'll hear me on Spot Light! #keepcreating




Jeffrey McCann on writing, LGBTQ+ representation, and the Hartford Fringe Festival

September 30, 2019

Hartford playwright Jeffrey McCann is bringing the Fringe Festival to Hartford this October. ( He's been involved in theater since the 80s, and has seen how the arts have impacted and changed lives. His experience living in the Seattle theater world have left a lasting impact, and he brings that influence with him to current projects - including the Hartford Fringe Festival. A really great conversation - and I learned a few things myself.

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Joey Marsocci on creature costumes, steampunk, and the pain of creation

September 16, 2019

Joey Marsocci is a creator. He's created original pieces for Hendrick's Gin, Disney Imagineering, the Mark Twain House & Museum, and so many more. He was on the forefront of the steampunk movement, and has literally written the book on steampunk art. As the artist behind Grymm Studios, Joey creates and embodies all kinds of creatures. You can see them at Don't forget to rate and review the pod on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts!

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Carolyn Brodginski on the dulcimer, Americana, and music as therapy

September 2, 2019

Maybe you can't picture what a dulcimer is just by hearing the word, but odds are that you'll recognize the sound when you hear Carolyn Brodginski play the instrument. It's something I've always considered rather rare, but as Carolyn points out it has been present in popular music for decades. And its distinctive sound is both joyful and soothing. Carolyn's band, Seat of Our Pants, features her dulcimer in their Americana sound, including on the band's latest release, "Song of Rabble and Roots", available now at You can also pick up Carolyn's solo recordings at


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David Borawski on conceptual art, challenging the viewer, and finding beauty everywhere

August 27, 2019

Hartford-based conceptual artist David Borawski limits his pallet intentionally - black, white, silver, red. And he uses the contrast to great effect, drawing the eye and challenging his viewers not only in the moment, but later while reflecting on what they've seen. You can see some of his work for yourself at or at @davborski on Instagram.

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