Brian David Judkins and Ned Donovan are the creative team behind Encounter Party! - a collaborative Dungeons and Dragons-bases storytelling podcast featuring a cast of professional voice actors and comedians. And it's an incredible exercise in precision and planning. Whether you're familiar with the actual play podcast world or not, you've never heard anything quite like Encounter Party! Get a behind-the-scenes look (listen?) at what it takes to build a community around a story.


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Counting down with Nick & Brandon of the 10ish Podcast

April 15, 2020

I listen to podcasts. Several of them. All day long. Honestly, it's a little much. But among the podcasts I look forward to the most every week is the 10ish Podcast. 10ish hosts and creators Nick and Brandon blend information and entertainment in a unique and hilarious way, counting down the very best (or worst) of any category. Whether it's serial killers or half time shows, the 10ish Podcast always delivers. Somehow, I conned them into speaking with me! So. Much. Fun.

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Raylene Taskoski, Stand Up Comedy Sex Ed

April 1, 2020

When it comes to sex education, it's sometimes difficult to get the information across. If you're awkward or uncomfortable talking about sex, maybe you'll struggle to engage your audience. But if you can make it funny and relatable? Enter Raylene Taskoski, comedian and sex toy expert, whose show "Stand Up Comedy Sex Ed" combines real sexual health education with comedy. It's a blend that resonates with audiences and gives answers to questions some might be too embarrassed to ask. Check her out at (NSFW content may be sensitive for some listeners. Please take care.)


"Welcome to Hi" by Cameron Werme

"Let's Talk About Sex" by Salt 'N Peppa, 1990

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Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" 1983

The impact of pandemic on creativity, with Dr. James C. Kaufman

March 20, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to alter social and economic landscapes around the world, some are more immediately impacted than others. Lots of creative people have been forced to stay home, cancel performances, and lose lots of creative outlets. Dr. James C. Kaufman is a professor at the UConn Neag School of Education, and has written several books about creativity. He's also a returning guest on Table to Stage (definitely check out his earlier episode to learn more about the study of creativity). You can follow Dr. Kaufman on Twitter @JamesKaufman, or visit his website ( to learn more about the psychology of creativity.


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Hip Hop Animation Dance with Ghost

March 5, 2020

Ghost (Andrew Mattei) found his love of Hip Hop dance thanks to a friend and a YouTube video ( - and nearly a decade later he's a dance instructor and three-time contestant on So You Think You Can Dance. The groove has taken him places, for sure. And the creative energy of animation style dance (if you haven't seen it, you absolutely must) is unique and entertaining. You can see Ghost get his groove on by following him on Facebook under Ghost of CT, on Instagram @theghost_of_ct, and on Twitter @ghostdancer0916.

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Carousels and Acanthus Carving with Bob Yourburg

February 19, 2020

Master woodcarver and carousel enthusiast Bob Yorburg has written the book on Acanthus carving. It's called "Acanthus Carving and Design", and it's available wherever you get your favorite books (or at Amazon). Bob is based in New York, but travels all over sharing his skill and expertise with the iconic design style that we all recognize. Bob recently visited the New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, Conn., to tech a workshop, and he gave me a brief tour before heading back to New York. You can see Bob's work at, and learn more about the museum at

#carousel #woodcarving #restoration #acanthus #carving 

Dungeons & Dragons with Jason & Meghan Gagne

February 5, 2020

Excuse me while I geek out for a while. I love Dungeons & Dragons. I dabbled briefly in my teens, but only rediscovered the game in the past 3 or 4 years - so I can't claim to be a long time player. I'm definitely a part of the game's resurgence in popular culture. But long time players and newbies can share the table with 5th Edition, and the creative energy is always enjoyable. Jason and Meghan Gagne have been playing the game together for a while now, and have started incorporating some of Jason's hand-made miniatures into their sessions. It was awesome to be able to talk with them about a game that creates limitless possibilities for creativity.

“June Cleaver, Sexual Deviant” with Benjamin Smith & Trenton Bennett

November 25, 2019

"The great mystery of June Cleaver, her life, her marriage and her family, has plagued mankind for generations. How could such a perfect woman exist, loving a husband, raising two sons, and cooking so immaculately while never appearing stressed, over-worked, fed-up, or unsatisfied?"

Or, at least that's how the Amazon description of "June Cleaver: Sexual Deviant" begins. I don't remember feeling any sense of mystery around the characters on Nick At Night - they seemed pretty straight forward. And downright bland. But for author Benjamin Smith there was a backstory to be explored. So he created one, giving a new life to the matriarch of "Leave it to Beaver." His stage play centers on June and Ward Cleaver in their golden years, tackling their roles as grandparents and coming to terms with their pre-"Leave It ... " lives.

A play requires characters - usually several. And it's a challenge to bring multiple characters to life in audio format, but Trenton Bennett faced the challenge head on. June, Ward, and the rest of the cast are brought to aural existence by a single performer, and each voice presented its own challenge for Trenton.

On this episode of Table to Stage we hear from author and performer about "June Cleaver: Sexual Deviant."

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"Wholesome" by Kevin MacLeod

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Mckenzie Chapman on Chick Flicks podcast, stitching artwork, and feminism

November 11, 2019

Mckenzie Chapman is the co-host of the Chick Flicks podcast (, discussing the feminist viewpoint - and overall worthiness - of some of the world's most popular (or dismal, as the case may be) films. She's also a skilled needlepoint artist, and if you visit you can see her work for yourself. Whether the Chick Flicks are hating on some of my best childhood memories (see: Goonies) or celebrating some of my favorite modern action films (I'll watch John Wick all day), their perspective on cinema is refreshing. Check it out!

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Kyle Pasciutti on zombies, popsicles, and the art of effects fabrication

October 28, 2019

Kyle Pasciutti likes to create things the world has never seen before. His company, Decimated Designs ( specializes in horror, but also works in whimsy and the fantastic, creating custom makeup, costumes, set pieces, and oversized animatronic puppies. And, of course, popsicles. Obviously. Whether it's creating an on-the-spot zombie at a convention, or sending oversized backpack heads (yeah, backpack heads) across the country, Kyle and his team love a creative challenge - and the skillset and artistry required to pull off these projects are varied and extensive. Get a peek behind the scenes of some special effects wizardry this week!

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