The Storyteller's Cottage in Simsbury, Connecticut, is a creative setting for writers and other creatively-minded people to mingle, explore their work, and escape into an adventure. Meet and speak with authors and publishers, get lost in the fantasy as you solve a mystery, or just have a cup of coffee with people who share your passion for stories. The Storyteller's Cottage came about almost accidentally - so hear the story from it's founder, Lisa Natcharian.

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Sarah Segovia on studying art abroad, working with stained glass, and protecting your creative work

June 4, 2019

From grand cathedral windows to a small suncatcher in the kitchen window, stained glass comes in all shapes, sizes, and imagery. And a lot of glass has to get broken to create it all. Sarah Segovia has been breaking glass professionally for some time now, but she also reassembles it into stunning pieces of art. Her designs are often inspired by gothic or horror themes, but lighter motifs are also included. Sarah also teaches the art form to students of any skill level - though playing with glass probably isn't a great idea for really young kids.

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Derek Askey on writing for a living, finding a niche, and how independent publishing stays alive

May 28, 2019

There are very few magazines these days that really venture into the same territory as The Sun. It's a completely independent, advertising-free publication that provides a platform for some of the most exceptional writing and photography on the planet (is this guy's opinion, anyway). Derek Askey is one of the assistant editors of The Sun, and his journey from aspiring but hesitant writer to editorial staff is worth hearing about, and maybe a little familiar.

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Colin McEnroe on public radio, newspapers, and finding a creative voice across multiple platforms

May 21, 2019

For listeners of Connecticut Public Radio, the voice of Colin McEnroe is a familiar one. His newspaper columns appeared in the Hartford Courant for more than 3 decades before recently moving to Hearst Connecticut Media Group to explore new avenues for this writing. He's got great stories, wonderful insight, and the perspective on media that come only with decades of experience. And he still agreed to speak with me ... I guess no amount of experience can prevent some lapses in judgement!

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Maestro Doris Lang Kosloff on the art and discipline of Opera, the value of music education, and differences in musical performance

May 14, 2019

Hartford to Miami is not your average commute, but for Maestro Doris Lang Kosloff it's a reality. As the artistic director of Opera Connecticut, director of the Hartt School opera theater and vocal studies departments, and the principal guest conductor at the Miami Lyric Opera, she's got herself quite a few frequent flyer miles. And she's used her lifelong immersion in music to impact audiences and performers from all over the world.

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Thomas Benjamin Wild, Esquire, on pithy lyrics, catchy tunes, and the art of being a Chap

May 7, 2019

Most meetings should just be emails. It's a fact. And it's an irritation that is universally accepted. Well, there's an anthem for that feeling now, and Thomas Benjamin Wild, Esq. is responsible for it. Tom is from Bedford, England, and his song "I've No More Fucks to Give" has racked up more millions of views than I'm going to count. He plays the banjolele dressed as someone who stepped out of a time machine from the 1940s, and mixes humor and stories from his life to create some unique and thoroughly entertaining songs. Visit to order a copy, or stream wherever you get your music!

Bill Covitz on french cuisine, icy cellos, and power tools

April 30, 2019

Bill Covitz moved from the heat of a French cuisine kitchen to the sub-zero temperatures of the ice house in pursuit of of creative passions. A chain saw may not seem like the tool of an artist, but when you see the way Bill uses power tools to bring life to ice there is no doubting the artistry at hand. And there's music to be had in the ice, too. Visit for photos or to commission an ice carving for your event!

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Rebecca Maloney on living as an artist, providing artistic opportunities for non-artists, and honoring lost pets

April 23, 2019

Rebecca Maloney is a Naugatuck-based artist, painter, and pet portrait extraordinaire. You can spend an evening painting with her, take one of her more intense workshops, or visit one of her upcoming gallery showings - and definitely visit to get a glimpse at her work. Vivid color seems (at least to my untrained eye) to be a hallmark of her personal style, and there is an expression of joy in each piece. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with workshop and paint night dates, too!

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Erik Bloomquist on independent filmmaking, interesting locations, and getting the right performance on film

April 16, 2019

Newington, Connecticut, native #filmmaker and #actor Erik Bloomquist has been involved in #theater and #film since high school, and has studied the craft intensely. Erik's latest film, Long Lost, is a #suspense #thriller that leans into the tension and doesn't give up. Erik previously worked with some of the film's cast members on his project "The Cobblestone Corridor," which was picked up by PBS. For more information about Erik's projects, check out his production company, Mainframe Pictures. Long Lost is available now to stream exclusively on Amazon, so dive in for a game of #sharksandminnows.

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Scott Wasserman on Hamilton, working on Broadway, and salads made of song

April 9, 2019

It's episode 50! :::drops a funky beat::: How does a local, theater-loving, son of a teacher and a musician grow up to be an #Ableton Programmer and an orchestrator? Well, apparently by accident. Scott Wasserman stumbled into learning the Ableton system while working on a small project called #Hamilton. But he worked REALLY REALLY hard to get that lucky break, and has worked with some of #Broadway's most iconic figures, including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Alex Lacamoire, and Alan Menken. Scott is also the co-host of one of my favorite #podcasts, Song Salad, with his long time friend, lyricist Shannon Deep. Scott recently put up his first full orchestration of an original musical with "Austen's Pride" which is running through April 14. Visit ACT of CT for ticket information. You can see what else Scott has been up to at - including #DearEvanHansen and #TheGreatComet.

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